Seminar 9/25 to 9/29

Seminar this week:

September 25 to 29


Seminar students at Drexel Hill Middle School and Aronimink Elementary School conducted researched, discussed, or made progress on the following topics and assignments:


Grade 8

Classroom Theater: The Birds by Daphne du Maurier

Writing: Create a Somewhere – Writers Portfolio 4A


Grade 7

Fiction: Tales of the Arabian Nights


Grade 6

Intro: Physics of Amusement Parks


Grade 5

Math: New School Year….New Supplies (Data Analysis)

Non-Fiction: Paw Prints.

Written response: Printing Solutions – Text Structure


Grade 4

Non-Ficiton: Paw Prints.

Written Response: Text Structure

Math: Animals Go To School (Expressions)

STEM: Using gears, create a moving device.


Grade 3

Non-Fiction : Scream Machines – How simple machines are used in amusement park rides.

Written Response: Post cards from the park

Math: Did Dino’s Really Roar? (Subtraction methods)

STEM: Create a Park Challenge Part 2 - build a scale model of a park ride.