Scientific Method Quiz 9/27

Scientific Method

An organized problem solving technique 7 Steps

  1. State the Problem

Regardless of the complexity of the problem, work to reduce it to a simple statement.

  1. Is it testable? This is what you are trying to solve
  2. Form a Hypothesis

Propose a theory based on information you have gathered or what you have observed.

  1. An Educated guess
  2. List Materials
  3. LIST
  4. Use specific amounts
  5. Experiment

            Design an experiment to test the hypothesis. Be sure to record your experimental procedure and observations.

  1. In numbered order
  2. follow exactly to get valid results
  3. CONTROL that does not change during the experiment
  4. a variable is what changes and what you are testing---- CAN ONLY HAVE 1
  5. Data/ Observation
  6. Quantitative= uses numbers
  7. Qualitative= uses senses (look, smell, feel)
  8. Analysis
  9. An outlook of collected data

            explain what happened in the experiment

  1. Conclusion
  2. a judgement of the hypothesis

            what was the result

  1. was the hypothesis correct?


Branches of Science

BE able to list and define 8 branches of science and what they study