Classroom Economy


I do a classroom economy every year for my classroom management. Students will use real life skills and math skills every day in class. Some important components of this program are:

Jobs- students apply for one and receive monthly salaries.

Rent- Students pay $100 rent on their desk. They can also save up their money and pay off their desk for $300. They will get a deed of their desk to keep. Students use their salary and bonuses to pay rent. Anything left over can be used at our auctions or they can save.

Bonuses- students will receive bonus money for turning in HW all week, good behavior, participating, doing extra credit, and many other ways posted in our room.

Fines- student receive fines for poor behavior, not working quietly, not turning in HW, and other fines are listed in classroom.

Auctions- We have a silent auction monthly where students use their auction paddle to bid on fun prizes. Please send in any donations for our auctions! Used toys, books, or games make great rewards!

Students will be acknowledged at the end of the year for saving the most money.