Homework Policy



Students have HW daily.

They should be reading 20 minutes every night and filling in reading log.

Spelling HW is always a packet. Cursive sheet is Thursday's HW. Writing in cursive is not mandatory except for this sheet to get practice. However, I encourage them to try when doing spelling.

Fluency Folder- We do together in class on Monday. Then it is HW Tuesday through Friday. We have fluecny folder for 4 weeks in a row, then 2 weeks off then it repeats. The fluency graph is done in class

Math HW- usually a page in the practice book or a reteach worksheet which explains the skill learned. We don't have math HW if we have a test.

Muliplication Logs - optional but students are rewarded if completed and signed on Friday.


I understand HW can be challenging at times, but it really helps 4th graders learn organizational skills, responsibility, and independence.

IF they miss an assignment , regardless if they leave it at home or don't do, a HW alert will go home. This must be signed and returned with missed HW. 

After 3 missed HW's they come up to do at lunch recess and it some cases are assigned a HW buddy to help them pack up if this is why they don't have HW.

They love earning money so there are many opportuniites for extra credit!

We keep track of completed HW on a HW Hero chart. Every week of completed HW is a sticker on the chart. Every 3 stickers , students can to pick a prize or a pass.