This week in Mrs. Toal's LA class 2/15-3/1

Good Afternoon,
Well, finally it looks to be a normal week here at BH. Today we reviewed compound sentences and were introduced
to complex sentences. We will be working with grammar all week, so there is no Vocabulary homework this
week. The students will have a grammar worksheet page each night for homework.
The students briefly skimmed the nonfiction selection "Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad". The students
will read it tomorrow and finish it on Wednesday. After finishing the selection they will be responsible for a text-dependent worksheet that they will complete in class. This worksheet allows the students to go back in the selection
for evidence to support their answers, a great strategy to use especially with the PSSA's coming in April.
Upcoming items: Tomorrow night at BH there is meeting to discuss the new middle school that if approved will be built
in Clifton Heights. It starts at 7 pm. Our next Home and school meeting will be Tuesday, March 7 if you're interested
in getting involved.

Here's to a good week!!!
Mrs. Toal