This week in Mrs. Toal's class 3/4/19

Good Morning,
I apologize that this email is so late. I'm busy trying to get the athletic schedule up and running for our spring season.
This week in Mrs. Toal's class.
The students in period 1 and 4  have a new way of doing homework this week/and next week. I feel as though I'm not engaging them
enough in the words every week. Therefore I've photocopied the definitions of the words and gave them out, I
distributed a vocabulary workshop packet that they will do for homework and classwork. I feel that exposing them to a
variety of vocabulary activities will help them better understand the meaning of the words. They will be tested next
week 3/15. Periods 2,3, and 7 will continue to do the homework as usual.  They will be tested Friday 3/8
We are wrapping up our study of Harriet Tubman this week. We finished the story, "Harriet Tubman Conductor of the
Underground Railroad" we engaged in many rich and enlightening conversations about slavery and freedom. Today
and tomorrow we will be reading the poem, "Runagate, Runagate" discussing it and working on paraphrasing different
Finally, we will be reading, from "Why I know a Caged Bird Sings", by May Angelou. We will explore her life and how
one woman helped changed the direction of her life, and helped shape her into the woman she became.
Important reminders: Home and School meeting will be March 7. There are many meetings to discuss the proposed
middle school this week and next week. Please check the Upper Darby website for locations and times.
INVITATION ONLY EVENT. The students were informed of the expectations set for them to be invited in January. If
they are a Tier 3 or Tier 4 they are not invited to attend, unfortunately, the consequences of their actions prevent them from getting an invite.

Let's hope for a regular week from here on out. #nomoresnow

Here's to a good week,

Mrs. Toal