Antonio Williams

awilliamsAntonio has been a member of the Upper Darby School District family since 2015. Prior to joining the Technical Services Department, Antonio worked behind the scenes in consumer retail and provided an unseen flow of efficiency and customer satisfaction. In the transition time between working in consumer retail and Upper Darby, Antonio enjoyed being a stay at home father during the early years of his daughter's life. From his experiences, prior to Upper Darby, Antonio brings with him on a daily basis a strong and practical sense of organization, logical thinking, and the ability to put love and care into his work for everyone he helps at Upper Darby High School. Over the next few years, Antonio is striving to improve his knowledge and abilities in order to rise to the level of Assistant Network Administrator as an additional way to support the goal of "providing a comprehensive and challenging educational programs" through the use of technology to all of the students in the Upper Darby School District.