Welcome Back

Welcome Back!!

I know your child is excited to get back to school and all the fun activities Primos has to offer. Physical Education is an important class for our students. 

Your child will experience a wide variety of healthy lifestyle activities that will promote, encourage and reinforce positive health habits. My main emphasis is on PARTICIPATION and learning to enjoy movement and healthy habits, therefore, students are required to wear, for their SAFETY and SAFETY OF OTHERS and to reinforce healthy practices, sneakers that stays securely on the foot. (sandals, boots, cleats ect. will not be acceptable and participation will not be allowed). While younger students concentrate on the basics and intermediate students work on fitness, sports skills, and application, ALL students will practice and be expected to use positive sportsmanship, personal responsibility, and team work. I hope your child has a wonderful school year at Primos and I look forward to many fun times in PE class.

Mr. Papatsiaras