Ms. Leah Dawes

Leah Dawes School Assignment(s): Walter S. Senkow Elementary, Westbrook Park Elementary


Liaison Assignment(s):


Reading Report Assignment(s): Reading of the Report of the Secretary





Leah Dawes has a passion for ensuring the education of the children in her community.  Leah has over 15 years of volunteer experience leading and supporting non-profit programs that engage an at-risk population of children.


Leah relocated to Upper Darby nine years ago to pursue quality public education for her daughter.  Her passion for education led to several volunteer opportunities working with the Superintendent of Upper Darby School District.  In these roles, Leah worked alongside other parents to learn how to better engage her community.


Leah has worked for PECO for over 14 years and is presently a supervisor within the gas organization.  While in leadership roles, Leah continues to serve the community with the support and direction of mentors throughout PECO.