• The Kindergarten Center’s mission is to provide a nurturing, safe, and fun environment that will introduce children to the exciting world of learning. In fostering individuality, creativity, and imagination, children in the K-Center will develop life-long friends and a life-long love of learning. We are committed to establishing a strong foundation that opens the doors for continued academic success and endless possibilities.


    Located in Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, the Kindergarten Center first opened its doors in September 1997. It was created to meet the unique academic and social needs of children entering school for the first time and is specifically geared toward the instruction of Kindergarten students.


    The K-Center creates a climate that fosters literacy through a wide range of listening, speaking, reading, and writing experiences. Literacy teams offer reading and support services to all students, including our special education and English Language Learner population. A strong, core math program introduces students to computation concepts, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving tasks.


    The Kindergarten Center strives to promote strong character development, respect for differences, and the importance of teamwork. This is achieved through the implementation of a variety of cooperative learning activities, implemented by classroom teachers and supported by our full-time social worker and nurses.


    Partnerships with parents and community organizations are keys to the continued success of the K-Center. A strong Parent-Teacher Association is instrumental in organizing opportunities for family events throughout the year.

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