PBIS - Positive Behavioral Support System

  • Dear Parents/Guardians:

    Highland Park Elementary School continuously strives to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students. In an effort to continue to improve our school climate, faculty and staff at Highland Park have developed a PBIS model. The primary goal of this model is to establish a positive school climate that adheres to the district’s goals and fosters an environment that promotes being safe, respectful and responsible.

    Each year the students are taught the positive behavior expectations for our school and the details of PBIS model.  This year we will have a school assembly to review the model with the students. Posters of our Highland Park School Expectations are prominently displayed in classrooms and throughout the school building. Additionally, teachers spent the first six weeks of school teaching their students the positive behaviors they are expected to demonstrate at school. These expectations are retaught and reviewed throughout the school year as needed. Students who consistently demonstrate these positive behaviors are acknowledged and rewarded as individuals and classes. Our Golden Ticket drawings, school-wide incentives and Cool to Be Kind rewards have been a huge success and motivator for our students.

    Please take some time to periodically review the positive behavior expectations described on the school matrix with your family. Talk with your child to ensure that they understand the expectations in different locations around the school and on the bus. Practice the school-wide expectations at home and encourage your child to be safe, respectful, and responsible.

    Working together to promote positive behavior helps increase student achievement and prepares our students for success in social and academic endeavors. Research shows that when home and school work together, achievement is guaranteed. We look forward to a positively productive school year, socially and academically.


    Maureen Mylotte

    PBIS Internal Coach

    Highland Park Elementary School