• Welcome to Bywood Elementary School!

    Bywood Elementary School’s mission is to provide a challenging educational program where effective instructional practices are utilized across all learning environments. All staff, students, parents and administrators continue to create and sustain a positive school culture through our core values.

    • Collaboration
    • Communication
    • Leadership
    • Hard Work
    • Respect
    • Responsibility
    • Safety
    • Courage

    Bywood, a neighborhood school, is located in Upper Darby, near the 69th Street shopping district. Our motto, "A Happy Place to Learn," exemplifies this special and unique elementary school. Bywood serves a population of approximately 670 students and is noted for its diversity. Ethnic backgrounds include native born and thirty other nationalities. Students from Bywood come from homes in which over 30 languages and dialects are spoken. Mutual respect and appreciation create opportunities for success in dealing with this diversity.

    Responsive Classroom techniques and Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports are school-wide initiatives that are used by our staff and students to help create a warm, caring and structured environment. Our staff and students work to ensure that everybody is safe, respectful and responsible in their everyday actions at Bywood and in the community. We respect and appreciate the differences between each other to help each student grow and learn tolerance. Bywood is an elementary school that teaches and encourages hard work and dedication where goals and expectations are developed collaboratively among parents, teachers and students.

    Bywood Elementary focuses on meeting the individual needs of each student to improve achievement through a variety of highly effective instructional practices. We offer rigorous and research-based academic and supporting programs that include language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and technology, as well as library, art, general music, and physical education. In addition, there are opportunities for enrichment and tutorial programs, along with educational field trips to complement classroom learning. Bywood also offers many after school and evening events highlighting our music and arts program as well as other opportunities for our students to show their talents.

    An active Home and School Association supports the curricular and extracurricular endeavors at Bywood through reading programs, fundraising events, family fun nights, and more. Opportunities for additional parental involvement comes through a series of parent workshops, focusing on academic and social topics as developed by Bywood’s Parent Advisory Committee. These are offered throughout

    the school year in addition to our monthly Home and School meetings. Our supportive parents, innovative faculty, and hard-working students make Bywood Elementary a very special place in the Upper Darby School District.

    Bywood Elementary… "A Happy Place to Learn"