• First grade students actively engage in rhythm activities focusing on steady beat. Tonal exercises include differentiating between a speaking voice and a singing voice. First grade students receive many opportunities to play small percussion instruments and xylophones to enhance their musical experience.

    Second grade students build upon the tonal and rhythm skills introduced in first grade. With prior experience in steady beat, second grade students now read basic notation and are able to chant rhythms in a consistent tempo. With prior experience in basic tonal techniques, second grade students now use their singing voices to echo basic patterns. With prior experience playing small percussion instruments/xylophones, second grade students now are ready to learn proper mallet technique when playing percussion instruments/xylophones.

    Third grade students continue exploring the elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, tempo, form, dynamics, tone color. Recorder instruction is introduced into the music curriculum, with student lead drills, improvisation, and reading of notation.

    All fourth and fifth grade students are encouraged to join chorus.

    In small independent groups, students collaboratively work on various projects involving the elements of music. Students learn how to read and play various simple and complex melodies independently.