• Art Department

    The Art program recognizes the aspirations, needs of students, and seeks to continue the understanding about the arts which were instilled at the elementary level, in a manner relevant to this changing physical, social and intellectual development.

    This program also provides for greater conceptual awareness by means of first-hand participation as well as opportunity for open-ended discussion.

    The art program recognizes the importance of inter-disciplinary correlation.

    Finally, the Middle School Art Program gives the student numerous opportunities to be creative, original and explorative through varied action-oriented projects, which continue to develop greater appreciation for understanding of the principles and the elements of art.

    Art Curriculum

    • 6th Grade
    • The sixth grade course provides hands-on experiences for students to apply the Elements and Principles of Art to produce original work.
    • 7th Grade
    • The seventh grade art program strengthens the student’s confidence in their ability to successfully apply the Elements and Principles of Art and Design to creative experiences. The students improve upon the skills and techniques needed to communicate original ideas in visual form.
    • 8th Grade
    • The eighth grade art program strives to have students value their personal ideas, symbols and subject matter while encouraging refinement of the skills and the techniques learned in the past grades.

    Extra Curricular Activities:

    • Drawing and Painting club, Pottery club.
    • Beverly Hills Annual Art Show, which highlights the students from Beverly Hills Middle School, in the spring.
    • Arts Gala is district wide at the High School in the spring, which highlights all the students from around the Upper Darby School District: Elementary, Middle and High School.