Health and Physical Education

  • Health and Physical Education Department

    The theme of our health and physical education programs is to introduce students to vital health concepts and provide opportunities to practice health skills that can lead to health-enhancing behaviors.  This is accomplished my making real life connections using health skills activities to reinforce lesson content and teach valuable health skills at the same time.  The essential health skills that are addressed are assessing information, stress management, conflict resolution, analyzing influences, communication, practicing healthy behaviors, refusal skills, decision making, goal setting, and advocacy.  Emphasis is also placed on developing and maintaining personal fitness. A goal of these courses is to increase participation in physical activity, so that students can adopt a more active life style, and reduce the risk of developing certain diseases and illnesses.  The program meets the National and Pennsylvania Health and Physical Education Standards.

    Physical Education Curriculum Includes:

    Sports Skills

    Basketball, football, volleyball, team handball, soccer, lacrosse, floor hockey, Ultimate Frisbee, Frisbee golf, softball.

Dance- a variety of line dances.

    Fitness Activities
Track, Fitness Circuit, Monitoring heart rate, fitness room, fitness testing.

Cooperative games, outdoor challenge initiatives, indoor rock wall, small group challenges.

    Large Group Games
Matt ball, tail tag, scooter games, star wars, king ball, continuous tag, the blob.

    Dress code

    Sixth and seventh grade students are required to wear the mandatory physical education uniform.  Eight grade students are required to wear athletic shorts and t-shirts.  All students must wear sneakers to participate.

    Health Curriculum Includes:

    6th Grade Health
Nutrition, physical activity, personal health, body systems, tobacco, alcohol and other drugs.

    7th Grade Health
Building healthy relationships, alcohol and substance abuse, growing and Changing, communicable diseases.

    8th Grade Heath
Mental and emotional health, physical activity and fitness, nutrition, alcohol, tobacco and drug abuse.

    Special Events:

    Marine fitness competition

    Jump for heart and hoops for heart (winter and spring)

    Community speakers-UD police department, Delaware County Memorial Hospital, UDHS-Teens Against Toba