Foreign Language

  • Foreign Language

    Students have the opportunity to study either Spanish or French.  They learn various topics that focus on their Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening skills.

    6th Grade: Students will study Spanish or French for one marking period and then switch to the other language in the next  marking period. This is an exploratory program meant to expose the students to a new language.

    7th Grade: Students will begin their studies of the language they chose at the conclusion of the 6th Grade program.  This course will last for one semester.  Students must take and pass 7th Grade Spanish/French in order to take the 8th Grade class. The students learn various cultural, grammar and vocabulary topics.

    8th Grade: Students will continue their studies from 7th Grade and expand on the previous years' topics. If the students pass 8th Grade Spanish/French, they will earn High School credit.  This is a full-year course which covers the Beginning and Level 1 courses taught at the High School level.

    Spanish students use the textbook, ¡Así se dice!, and French students use the textbook, Bien Dit!.