• Student Assistance Program

    Here at Drexel Hill Middle School, the Student Assistance Program is a confidential program that aims to identify issues that pose as barriers to a student’s learning and school success. These barriers include the following:

    • Attendance
    • Academics
    • Health (physical and mental)
    • Behaviors/Disciplinary issues

    Purpose of the SAP Program:

    • To identify students who are faced with the above barriers which impact their success in school
    • To offer an assessment to students and families to explore barriers and help link students and families to community resources
    • To refer identified students for help and resources not only within the school but also the community.
    • To provide student groups for education, prevention, and support.

    Who can make referrals?

    • Parents/Guardians
    • School Staff
    • Students


    Individuals can make a referral by contacting the student’s guidance counselor.

    Steps of the SAP process:

    Referral: Anyone can refer a student.  SAP team contacts parent for permission to proceed.

    Team Planning: Information is gathered from those who work directly with student and a case manager is assigned to contact parent to review data and offer in school services or an assessment by a consultant from Holcomb

    Intervention and Recommendations: Through an assessment community and/ or school based resources are offered

    Support and Follow up: Continued support for student and family by SAP team

    Assessment Process/Information:

    Students and families are provided with an assessment that is FREE of charge by a member of Holcomb Behavioral Health.  Students may be provided with some of the following:

    • Community resources
    • In School Support services
    • School Based Groups

    Concerns that may warrant a SAP Referral:

    • Substance and alcohol use
    • Sudden drop in grades
    • Withdrawn behavior
    • Mood Swings
    • Chronic irritability and/or defiance
    • Peer changes


    • Sheila Covely
    • Stacey Doyle
    • Mckenzie Golden
    • Maura Kitzinger
    • Tina Johnston

    Delaware County SAP Resources