• Special Subjects


    Music is divided into General Music classes for the entire student body and elective performance classes in both Instrumental and Choral music. The Music Department participates each year in the Educational Cultural Foundation's Gala , school assemblies, public performances and in the Music in the Parks Festival. Our Instrumental groups include Marching Band, 6th grade Band, 7/8th grade Band, Orchestra, Jazz Band and small ensembles.

    The Choral program consists of 6th grade Chorus, 7/8 grade Chorus, Concert Singers, and Girls Ensemble. In addition to the above groups students are invited to participate in the annual School Broadway musical.

    The General Music curriculum includes time spent in the piano lab for all students as well as:

    6th grade
    includes the elements of music and Broadway musicals

    7th grade
    covers the Classics of music and Jazz

    8th grade
    studies the History of American pop music.



    The Art program at DHMS recognizes that Art is a symbolic and visual language, which is a special way of knowing and discovering our world and ourselves. Art integrates all subject matters and is vital to individual growth. All students are given opportunities to experience, appreciate, create and reflect upon art. Students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade Art classes receive a general course designed to highlight the areas of painting, drawing, printmaking, crafts, sculpture and ceramics. The art experience is reinforced through interdisciplinary units, art appreciation and career awareness. Student artwork is frequently displayed throughout the school and at the annual UDSD Art Festival.



    In addition to a larger selection of book and periodicals, the DHMS library has online resources available for students to conduct research.  Our Reading department hosts several Scholastic Book Fairs in the library, including opportunities for families to come shop in the evening.
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    Health & Physical Education

    The Physical Education Department at Drexel Hill Middle School participates in various school wide and community activities that promote health and physical fitness. Each year the P.E. Dept. has its annual Family Fitness Night. The students of Drexel Hill and their families participate in a night of fun filled fitness activities. Some other annual events include the Hoops for Heart Dodge Ball Tournament, Rockwall Intramurals and Color Day. The students of Drexel Hill also participate competitively in the Marine Corp Physical Fitness Challenge. The Physical Education Dept. has also started a Morning Workout Program open to all students at Drexel Hill. This is a new program that introduces the students to cardiovascular, strength and circuit training. With the support of the Student Assistance Team, Drexel Hill publishes a Healthy Times Newsletter that goes out twice a year. The newsletter features healthy recipes, ways to keep active in the community and physical fitness tips.

    The students of Drexel Hill have also recently participated in the NFL Play 60 Challenge, which is sponsored by the American Heart Association, and the NFL. This is a program that encourages middle school students to stay active and get at least 60 minutes of physical activity a day. Through this challenge the homebase with the most physical activity minutes was awarded a trip to Lincoln Financial Field for a tour of the Eagles locker room.

    In health students participate in the Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems, Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drug Awareness Campaign Contest, where recently 3 students received honorable mention recognition. The students of Drexel Hill also participate in another health program taught by UD high school students. This group, TATU Teens Against Tobacco Use, is a peer taught tobacco prevention program that discusses the pressures and dangers of smoking and tobacco use.