• Class of 2023 SENIOR PROM

    June 3, 2023

    7:00 PM - 11:00 PM

    Drexelbrook Conference Center

    Ticket Sales:

    • Cash ONLY!
    • Tickets go on sale on May 8th - $70 per ticket
    • Starting May 23rd, the ticket price increases to $75
    • Tickets can be purchased before and after school ONLY!!
    • In order to purchase a ticket, seniors will need the following:
      • Must have a valid UDHS 22-23 student ID
      • Must have completed and uploaded their work-based learning certificates
      • Must have 85 or more Royal Points (Royal Recovery is available to get your points up!)  
      • Must submit a completed permission form (printed copies are available at the Senior Center)
    • Each table seats ten (10) guests, and if you want to be able to sit with your friends, then you should all plan to purchase tickets at the same time…we will NOT reserve seats.    
    • Bringing a non-UDHS senior (this includes underclassmen from UDHS)?  Then your guest will need to complete the guest permission form (available at the senior center). 
    • Guests must be under the age of 21.
    • *No Ticket Sales after 5/31/23

    Other Important Prom Information:

    • Students must arrive before 8:00 PM, or they will not be permitted to attend the prom.
    • Students and guests must have photo ID.
    • Guests must be under the age of 21.
    • Police and security guards will be present.
    • ***Interested in pictures at prom?  Check out more information from Barksdale HERE.
    • Barksdale Prom Picture info