• UDHS Scholarship Program

    UDHS offers over 100 scholarships! There is something for everyone! 

    The Scholarship Student Assembly and Parent Information Night were held on January 3, 2023.

    • Please review the presentation that was shared with students during yesterday’s assembly HERE.

    • If needed, you can view the recording of that assembly HERE.  The entire video is about 35 minutes long, the first half is all about scholarship applications and the second half deals more with “senior stuff” (i.e. Work-based learning, credits, early grad, cap and gown orders, etc.)

    • Scholarship Resources

    • Recommended Steps…
    1. Read over the list of all available scholarships and highlight/write down those that you are eligible for (Please read the descriptions carefully!)

    2. Click on the application form and make a copy for yourself.

      • You can annotate directly on the document using Kami or another annotation tool

      • Be sure to include a recent and appropriate picture of yourself in the application

      • Complete the two main pages (Be as thorough and specific as possible!)

      • If you need to add more information, you should be able to add another page into the document as needed.

      • When finished, Save the file as a PDF document, naming it with your last name and then “Application” (i.e. for me, I would save the file as Peterkin Application).

    1. IF you are completing the financial need application (Recommended), click on that form and make a copy for yourself.

      • As with the application, complete the document thoroughly.

      • You will need help/support from your parents/ guardians to complete this form.

      • You will need to include a copy of your family’s Gross Adjusted Income from 2021.

      • When finished, save the file as a PDF document, naming it with your last name and then “Financial Application” (i.e. for me, I would save the file as Peterkin Financial Application).

    1. After completing the forms, you will need to submit them using the Google Form HERE.


    • As was stated in the assembly, this is another one of those instances where you need to take on the responsibility to research, complete the application form(s) and then submit them by the deadline.  We are here to assist and answer questions, but your counselors cannot sit down and complete the application with each and every student.
    • There are many scholarships specific to activities, sports or even the elementary/middle school that you attended…read through the list and find any that you might be eligible for!
    • If you have any questions, please email Mrs. McDonald at lmcdonald@upperdarbysd.org
    • Most importantly, all applications MUST be submitted electronically BY Thursday, January 26th at 3 PM…NO Exceptions!