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  • 2018-2019 Sports Registration Information

    Registration for the 2018-2019 Winter Sports Season is now open! Click the "Register Now" button or go to our Sports Physicals & FamilyID page for more detailed instructions.


    To ensure that everyone's registration is processed for the start of the season, please have everything completed by Thursday, November 15. Otherwise we cannot guarantee your registration will be ready in time for tryouts. No student is permitted to try out, practice, or compete without a completed registration.


    If you need any help with FamilyID registration, please call the Athletic Department at 610-622-7000 ex 2372.



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Upcoming Dates for the Winter Season

  • Tryouts start Friday, November 16!

    Please check the UDHS Sports & Coaches page to view information for specific sports. If you have any questions, please contact the coaches or the Athletic Department at 610-622-7000 ex. 2372.

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Athletic Department

  • Athletic Director:


    Frank Nunan

    (610) 622-7000 ex. 2372


    Assistant Athletic Directors:

    Jason McDermott

    Jason McDermott  

    Laura Fitti

    Laura Fitti

    (610) 622-7000 ex. 2424


    Administrative Assistant:

    Jen Kramer

    Jennifer Kramer

    (610) 622-7000 ex. 2428


    Athletic Trainer:


    Brian Smart - brian.smart@atipt.com

    (610) 622-7000 ex. 2348