•  Drexel Hill Middle School Intramural Clubs/Sports/Activities 2019-2020

    Clubs will be updated as additional information is provided by staff members supervising each activity. 


    Club/Intramural Name 


    Activity Description


    Marine Corps Physical Fitness Team

    Kim McCormick 

    David McGlensey

    Students will workout with a plan to compete against Beverly Hills Middle School in the areas of push-ups, sit-ups, standing broad jump, pull-ups, and a shuttle run.


    Monday and Wednesdays, other days may be added as competition gets closer.

     In the gym at 8am.

    Rock Wall 

    David McGlensey

    All grade levels.

    Students will learn the skills of rock climbing, team work, and cooperation.  They will have fun while working all aspects of their body and mind to navigate a variety of challenges.

    The time and dates are still being determined.

    GarageBand Club

    Brendan Kirchner

    GarageBand Club is open to 6th, 7th, & 8th graders who would like to work on GarageBand projects after school in a club.  Generally it is more free than class because no deadlines for projects are imposed.  Many students use the time to research and explore music technology aspects without the constraints of needing to complete a specified project.

    GarageBand Club will meet on Wednesdays from 3:15 - 4:15pm.  Meetings in room 136.

    TSA (Technology Student Association)

    Diana Rickert 

    TSA is a STEM based co-curricular competition academic activity. Students who join the activity are not required to participate in the competitions, however they will prepare entries as if they were competing. There are 3 different levels that the students can compete with a variety of different events. Some of the events are individually created and other are team created. This is open to all 6th, 7th and 8th grade students.

    Meetings on Tuesday from 3:15 - 4:15 in room 124. When we get closer to competitions, the amount of times that we meet will increase to help prepare for the competition.

    Spanish Club 

    Nick Coombs & New Spanish Teacher

    This club will focus on highlighting the Spanish language and diverse cultures of Spain, Central, North and South America. Students wishing to improve or  strengthen their competences in reading, writing, speaking or listening are encouraged to participate in this club. 

    Wednesday's from 3:15-4:15 in room 108.

    November 11 and 25

    December 09

    January 13 and 27

    February 10 and 24

    March 10 and 24

    April 7 and 21

    May 05 and 19 

    Student Council 


    Jaime Cessna

    The purpose is to help fund raise, support and promote Spirit Days, and create a positive culture and climate within the school building.

    Student Council will meet 2 Wednesday’s a month in the library from 3:15-4:15. 


    The dates are as follows:


    September 30

    October 7, 21

    November 4, 18

    December 2, 16

    January 6, 20

    February 3, 17

    March 3, 10

    April 7, 14

    May 5


    LGBTQQ & Alliance Club

    Steve Hofberg

    The LGBTQQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning) & Alliance Club was requested by students at our school to help create more positive relationships between peers and staff to embrace differences. The LGBTQQ & Alliance Club will be aligned with the tenants of the National Association of the GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance) Network. Those tenants include: social, supportive, and activism. A social aspect of the LGBTQQ & Alliance club will help youth to meet other LGBTQQ & Ally students and makes friends. The LGBTQQ & Alliance club will support students who are trying to create safe spaces to talk about the various issues they face. Lastly, the LGBTQQ & Alliance club will help students advocate to peers, staff, and administration, to improve their school climate.

    Thursdays from 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm in the library. Look out for the morning news if the club is being held each week. 

    Morning News

    Nicholas Johnson

    Morning news is meant to give students the opportunity to work together to broadcast the morning news to DH staff and students. Students take on different roles and learn how to use different equipment in order to successfully broadcast live news to the student body.

    Every morning before 1st period starts.