Health and Physical Education


    Physical Education
    6th Grade Physical Education
    Students will participate in a variety of traditional and non-traditional games where they will develop the technical skills, principles, tactical strategies, systems of play, and rules for each game. Some of the activities offered are soccer, football, lacrosse, Frisbee, mat ball, handball, and various tag games.
    7th Grade Physical Education
    Building on the foundation of 6th-grade Physical Education students participate for 45 days in both traditional and non-traditional activities. Students will be engaged in activities such as football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, handball, tag games, frisbee, etc. Students are expected to learn the rules and regulations of each sport/game along with proper technique and sportsmanship. Skills introduced in 6th grade will be further developed in this course.
    7th Grade Health
    The 7th-grade Health course focuses on two areas of learning. Students learn basic information about the physical, mental, emotional, and social changes that occur during adolescence including the roles and functions of the endocrine and the male and female reproductive systems. The second part of the course centers around diseases - what causes disease and how can we protect ourselves from various types of pathogens including sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV.
    8th Grade Health
    The 8th-grade Health course centers on the two areas of addiction and nutrition. During the unit on addiction students learn basic information about tobacco, alcohol, drugs, and how addiction affects society. During the second unit on nutrition students learn about the role of nutrients in maintaining good health and receive the skills and tools necessary to help them make good food choices.