• Class of 2022 Graduation Requirements  (Course guide: page 4)

    Review your transcript to make sure you have all your classes for graduation. You can see your transcript on Home Access Center (under the grades tab).

    Course Category Credits/Courses

      • English 5 credits (4-course minimum)
      • Social Studies 4 credits
      • Math 4 credits (3 consecutive courses)
      • Science 3 credits
      • Health/Physical Education 2 credits
      • Reading classes/electives 6 credits
      • Arts & Humanities 2 credits

    Total credits: 26

    ***Work-Based Learning (for current seniors only):

    One of the requirements of the state is that you complete work-based learning (WBL) activities to help prepare you for the future.  You have been assigned 5 WBL activities in safe schools.  They are:

      1.  How to avoid decision traps and biased thinking

      2.  How to build good decision-making habits

      3.  Six elements of a good decision

      4.  The good decision process

      5.  Types of decisions

    Link to directions: Work Based Learning  & Visual Step by Step Directions