• Class of 2023 Graduation Requirements  

    (Course Selection Guide: page 4)

    Review your transcript to make sure you have all your classes for graduation. You can see your transcript on Home Access Center (under the grades tab).

    Course Category



    4 credits (4-course minimum)

    Social Studies

    3 credits (3-course minimum)


    3 credits (3-course minimum)


    3 credits

    Health/Physical Education

    1 credit

    Arts & Humanities*

    2 credits


    5 credits

    Total Credits:



    Work-Based Learning:

    • This is a State requirement for all seniors!

    • This is different from Act 158.  (Students that need to finish their Act 158 have been and will continue to receive emails from Mr. Peterkin)

    • To complete this requirement, students log in, view five videos on Good Decision Making and answer a few questions about each video.

    • Evidence of completion needs to submitted via this Google Form.

    Link to directions: Work Based Learning 

    Link to Safe Schools Site: Safe Schools

    After you have completed ALL five assigned videos on Good Decision Making, you need to save AND upload a copy of each completion certificate to this Google Form.