• Career and College Center


    As an arm of the Counseling Department of Upper Darby High School, the Career and College Center is dedicated to serving the student body in two primary areas: career counseling and college counseling. We provide 1-on-1 and small group counseling opportunities, as needed, to augment the grade level Naviance lessons that all students and parents/guardians have access to their Naviance account provided by the UDSD.


    Weekly, College Representatives host student visits which are advertised in Naviance and students can sign up to attend. We also host 3 FAFSA/PHEAA evening workshops yearly to assist families with federal and state aid applications.


    Naviance is a web-based platform that provides students with a variety of features, including college research/matching tools, career assessment/ personality tests, and surveys to help students connect what they are doing in school to what they would like to do once they graduate. Naviance provides additional functionality to school counselors to track the progress of students, communicate and collaborate with students and families.  Additionally, Naviance’s integration with "The Common Application" facilitates the submission of college applications, as well as online submission of transcripts, school forms and recommendations. Students and families can use Naviance as the primary resource tool to research post graduation options and choices. 


    Career And College Center Location and Hours

    Room 255 and 253

    Monday through Friday (Only during the school year):

    • In-Person:  9:30 AM to 3:00 PM
    • Virtual:  7:30 AM to 9:30 AM


    College & Career Center Staff:


    Emily Catlett

    Career & College Counselor

    610-622-7000 ext.  2310



    photo School Counselor  (H-O)  William Haines

    William Haines

    Career & College Counselor

    610-622-7000 ext.  2224



    Photo of Ashley Hauschild

    Ashley Hauschild

    Career & College Counselor

    610-622-7000 ext.  2224



    Photo Bill Walleekendah

    Bill Walleekendeh

    Career & College Counselor

    610-622-7000 ext.  2224



    Brianna Morton

    Post Secondary Coordinator

    610-622-7000 ext.  2239