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    If you have any questions, please contact our office at (610) 622-7000 ex. 2372!

  • Try Outs!

    March 4th is the first day of try outs.  To try out you need your physical filed on Family ID.  On Monday we will meet in the Auxillary gym first.

    If the weather is good we will be outside on the softball field starting at 3 every day.

    If there is bad weather we will practice in the auxillary gym.

    Our gym schedule is as follows:

    Monday: 3pm

    Tuesday: 5pm

    Wednesday: 3pm

    Thursday: 5pm

    Friday: 3pm


  • After much deliberation I am excited to post our teams for the 2019 season.  I want to thank all of you for trying out every year it gets harder and harder to pick teams.  If your name is on one of these lists please come to gym C/D at 3 for a brief meeting and practice.  If you have any questions please email one of us or come and see us.

    Varsity Team

    Nora Zakrzewski

    Rylee Shanahan

    Sara Sullivan

    Lexi Witmer

    Brianna Johnson

    Amanda Dawson

    Kaila Gavin

    Kristen Kennedy

    Madison Powderly

    Rebecca Sorrentino

    Camryn Young


    JV Team

    Caitlyn Anderson

    Alexes Mcelhone

    Jess McPoyle

    Jameson Rossillio

    Angelina Simms

    Kylie Donahue

    Molly Magee

    Faith Weaver

    Devon Conaway

    Kasey Lukens

    Erica Hannah

    Abby Milio


    Maima Bogar

    Paige Frith

    Mackenzie Hays

    Aniya Johnson

    Briya Manick

    Phoebe Meggett-Bosket

    Joyce Nagbe

    Danielle Smith

    Danielle Williams

    Mya Rowan-Jones

    Wendi Gavilanes

    Alexa Gantz

    Monica Ocampo

    Janet Wharton

    Layla Yan