• Schedule for 8/12 - 8/20:  


    We will meet at the field each day. Early session will be conditioning/stickwork, late session will be offense/defense/game situations. 


    8/12: Monday (Tryouts): 8-9:30 AM, 5:00-8:00PM ***Updated

    8/13: Tuesday (Tryouts): 8-9:30 AM, 5:00-7:30PM (Will meet at the field weather permitting, we also have Aux Gym Time from 5-7PM)

    8/14: Wednesday (Tryouts, teams set after PM session): 9th/11th only 7:15-8, IMPACT Testing. Meet at Main Entrance; 8-9:30 AM, 5:00-7:30PM

    8/15: Thursday: 8-11 AM; Team Brunch at Perkins immediately following practice

    8/16: Friday: 8-11 AM

    8/19: Monday 8-11 AM (Freshman Orientation at 3PM)

    8/20: Tuesday 3:45 - 6PM (First Day of School for Teachers)


    Family ID accounts must be updated, completed and APPROVED in order to participate in tryouts. 


    Please come prepared with sneakers, cleats, shinguards, legal goggles, mouthguard, stick and plenty of water. Maybe a small snack for the evening session.