Welcome to Communications and Media Services

  • "Healthy communities share stories about different people with different needs and different experiences." - Aaronda Q. Beauford, Director of Communications, Upper Darby School District


    The Office of Communications and Media Services seeks to provide timely, transparent, accurate, and meaningful information about the Upper Darby School District to all stakeholders.  Through parent, student, staff, and community engagement, the Office of Communications and Media Services works to promote a culture of care and connectedness and to expand and refine the District's telling its 'story' of providing Opportunity, Unity, and Excellence for all students.


    The Office is responsible for oversight and coordination of the District's communication efforts, including parent and community engagement, media relations, public relations, marketing, and branding.  The Office serves as a liaison between the media and the District, implements the District’s public relations policies and disseminates District news through various avenues, including press releases, media alerts, and press conferences.  The Office oversees the management of communication tools used by the District, which include the District’s website, ParentLink messaging system, public access cable channel, mobile app, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube).  The Office organizes District events, produces the monthly ePublication (The Royal Scroll), produces the District Family Handbook, and manages the development of the District's Master Calendar.  The Office develops and is responsible for maintaining Districtwide compliance with the District Brand Standards, the District Branding and Style Guide, and the Upper Darby School District Branding Gallery.  The Office of Communications and Media Services also provides photography and video services for District and school events, collaborating with schools and the community to recognize and celebrate the happenings and efforts of our students and staff every day.


    The work of the Office of Communications and Media Services is guided by several policies that set expectations and manage the flow of communication both within and outside of Upper Darby School District.  Please review these policies and administrative regulations below:



    • Policy 910 - Community Engagement - The purpose of community engagement is to create a collaborative environment in which students, parents/guardians, families, residents, businesses, and community organizations are encouraged and invited to be involved stakeholders in the school community. Such engagement strengthens broad-based community support for the school district's mission, goals, operations and educational programs.



    • Policy 902 - Publications Program - The Board believes that all reasonable means should be employed to keep the public informed on matters of importance regarding district policies, finances, programs, personnel and operations. 


    The Office of Communications and Media Services utilizes many tools to broaden communication to stakeholders.  These tools include:


    • Press releases, special announcements, and press conferences
    • District and individual school websites and calendars
    • Parent/Staff notification and messaging system (Blackboard ParentLink)
    • CrisisGo emergency notification and messaging system
    • Mobile app communications
    • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram social media and YouTube
    • Royal Scroll (Districtwide monthly ePublication)
    • Photography and video services for District and school events


    The District Media Services Center is located in the Upper Darby High School.  The Center creates instructional and informational posters for District personnel upon request  in black ink printing and full color printing and provides lamination services.  The Center develops all official District stationary (i.e. letterhead, memo pads, envelopes, etc.) and works closely with the Printing Department in the maintenance of the Digital Store Front (DSF).  The Center is also responsible for development of certificates for the Superintendent’s monthly report at Board meetings and the 25-Year Teacher and Retirement certificates for the annual Citation Banquet.  The Center provides Identification Badges for District personnel and serves as a liaison between the service provider and schools for student and staff IDs.