School Board Meeting Schedule

  • Important Notice


    As a result of Governor’s Wolf’s announcement on Thursday, April 9, 2020 that all Pennsylvania schools are closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 academic school year in response to the COVID-19/Coronavirus pandemic, our regular School Board and School Board Committee meetings scheduled will be held virtually until further notice.  The meetings are live streamed through the District’s official YouTube channel  or at  The link will be posted to our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media accounts and will be available on our website homepage on the day of the meeting.  Videos of the meetings are posted to our website and on Comcast Channel 8, RCN Channel 51 and Verizon Fios Channel 20 in the days following each meeting.  


    If you wish to attend Board and Committee meetings, you will need to do so remotely using the procedures outlined below.  Please do not report to the board room at Upper Darby High School.  That facility, as is the case with all the District’s facilities, is not open to the public during the state-mandated closure.


    To provide for public comment during the Board Meeting, we have also established an email address that will allow the Board to receive those items and a phone number at which community members may leave a voicemail.  The email address and phone number are as follows:

    610 789 7200, ext. 2000


    As with any public items offered during Board meetings, your email or phoned-in comment must include your full name and residential address.  Under these new virtual procedures, we are also asking that you include which board report you are commenting on or if you are submitting a general comment.  Only board report and general comments that include a full name and address will be read into the record.  Please review the meeting agenda via BoardDocs prior to the meeting if you would like to provide comment on any specific Board report(s).  Click here to access the meeting agenda.


    Opportunities for public comment will be provided at the conclusion of each board report respectively and at the conclusion of the board meeting.  The board will consider public comments respective to each board report prior to the board taking action on a board report (i.e. Personnel, Curriculum and Instruction, Facilities, etc.).  To be clear, all comments for a board report must be received by the end of that board report.  These comments will be read at the conclusion of the respective board report.


    General comments must be received no later than 7:30 p.m. on the day of the meeting.  General comments will be read at the end of the Board meeting. We will follow our three (3) minute time limit for general comments, but we will make sure full comments are included in the record.  In order to have your comment considered by the Board at the meeting, we advise that you submit your comment prior to the meeting.



    School Board Meetings


    School Board of Directors meet for monthly meetings to engage in strategic deliberations about school district initiatives as they align to the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan.  Residents, taxpayers of the school district and Upper Darby School District Association Presidents may address the Board at the public regular business Board meeting.  Those wishing to speak should sign in on the sign-in on the sign in sheet by 7:30PM prior to the Board meeting.  Those signed in will be called on during the public hearing section of the meeting in the order in which they signed in.


    2020-2021 School Board Meeting Dates 


    Unless otherwise announced, the Board of School Directors meets for a combined work session and regular business meeting on the second Tuesday of the month.  These meetings are held in the Upper Darby School Board Room/Performing Arts Center at 7:30 PM and are open to the public.  The 2020/2021 Schedule is as follows:


    • August 11, 2020
    • September 08, 2020
    • October 13, 2020
    • November 10, 2020
    • December 1, 2020
    • January 12, 2021 
    • February 9, 2021 
    • March 9, 2021 
    • April 13, 2021 
    • May 11, 2021 
    • June 1, 2021 


    School Board Committee Meetings


    Committee Meetings were established to better inform the Board and public of the important decisions being made in the school district each month and as a forum to share our District initiatives and offer insight into decisions made by the Board at each monthly School Board Meeting.  During Committee Meetings, time will be designated for public participation in the form of questions and comments for specific agenda items only.  No sign in is required.  The Board requires that public participants be residents, taxpayers of the school district or Upper Darby School District Association Presidents.  We hope that you are able to attend the meetings and be a part of the dialogue.



    2019-2020 School Board Committee Meeting Dates


    Unless otherwise announced, the School Board Education/ Pupil Services Committee and Finance/Operation Committee will meet on the Forth Tuesday of the month.  These meetings are held in the Upper Darby High School Board Room beginning at 6:00 PM and are open to the public.  The 2019/2020 Schedule is as follows:  


    • August 25, 2020
    • September 22, 2020
    • October 27, 2020
    • November 24, 2020
    • December 15, 2020
    • January 26, 2021 
    • February 23, 2021 
    • March 23, 2021 
    • April 27, 2021  
    • May 25, 2021 
    • June 15, 2021