What are Regular School Board and School Board Committee Meetings?

  • The School Board of Directors meet for monthly meetings to engage in strategic deliberations about school district initiatives as they align to the Comprehensive School Improvement Plan. The public is invited to attend all Regular School Board Meetings and School Board Committee Meetings. Please review the Local Board Procedures policy on Board Meetings here. Agenda items for Regular School Board Meetings and School Board Committee Meetings are available for public review beginning the day before each meeting. The meeting agendas are posted to Board Docs.


School Board Meetings

  • Regular School Board meetings are official and formal business meetings, at which the School Board meets in their official capacity to deliberate and take action on the business of the school district. Items that are presented on school board meeting agendas for a vote are usually researched and considered during School Board Committee meetings.

School Board Committee Meetings

  • School Board Committee Meetings are the working and learning meetings of the School Board. These meetings were established to better inform the Board and public of the important decisions being made in the school district each month. The meetings also serve as a forum to share school district initiatives and to offer insight into decisions made by the Board at each monthly School Board meeting.