Upper Darby School District School Board of Directors

  • The Board of School Directors is a legislative body of residents who serve the District for an average term of four (4) years.  School Board members are your neighbors and are public servants who make decisions that affect all students.  Board members are volunteers and have a deep desire to serve children, a strong belief in the value of public education and a deep professional respect for the District staff who serve our children and their families every day.
    Each Board member serves on a Committee(s) handling a collateral assignment(s) that serve to enable Board members to delve into governing matters in greater detail than is possible at the full board level.  Each member also serves as a School Liaison to one or more schools in which their role is to act on behalf of the Board in attending school events and activities as much as possible.  Please click on each picture to learn more about each of the members of the Board of School Directors, the school(s) for which they serve as liaisons and their collateral assignments.

    Craig Rogers - School Board Secretary

    Marvin Lee - School Board Treasurer

    A. Kyle Berman, Esq. - Solicitor


    All correspondence for School Board of Directors may be directed to the Board of School Directors at udsdschoolboard@upperdarbysd.org.