• 2019 Team

    The season is set to begin Monday, August 16th 

    Click here to see the full season schedule: Fall 2021 Practice and Game Schedule


    Important Links:

    1) Family ID registration: MUST be completed by Sunday, August 15th. Please try to get it done sooner that way if you are not approved we can make any corrections needed.  


    2) Summer workout schedule:  Summer 2021 Off-Season Schedule


    3) Intent to Play-  INTENT TO PLAY FORM CLICK HERE




    Tryouts will begin Monday, August 16th. 

    What to bring: Every player should bring cleats, sneakers, water, extra water, a snack, shin guards and wear athletic apparel to all tryout sessions. Sessions are MANDATORY. If there is a conflict or trouble with a ride, reach out to me ASAP. 
    Coaching Expectations: We have a wide range of players trying out for the team. We strongly encourage all players to try out, regardless of experience. Our coaching staff is happy to work with any player willing to show up every day to work hard, give their best effort and try to improve each day.

    As a reminder, to be eligible to make each team you must meet the following expectations, more information can be found in the packet- you can email Coach Church at schurch@upperdarbysd.org if you do not have a copy of the packet.


    In order to make the Varsity Team you need to meet one out of three during tryouts. In order to play in a Varsity Game, you need to meet two out of the three following requirements:

    • 15 consecutive foot only juggles (preferably using both feet)
    • Pass the technical test (see page 9) in under 4 minutes 30 seconds
    • Pass two fitness tests in the expected time, possible fitness tests:

    o   300s (workout 6): 75 seconds, 2 out of 3 sets

    o   100s (workout 1): 20 seconds down field, 60 seconds back; 8 consistent sprints

    o   Cones (workout 7): 40 seconds without ball; 50 seconds with ball

    o   Timed Mile: 7 minutes, 30 seconds

    In order to make the Junior Varsity Team you need to meet one out of three during tryouts, in order to play in a Junior Varsity Game, you need to meet two out of the three following requirements:

    • 4 consecutive feet only juggles (preferably using both feet)
    • Pass the technical test in under 6 minutes, 30 seconds
    • Pass one fitness test in the following times

    o   300s (workout 6): 90 seconds, all 3 sets

    o   100s (workout 1): 30 seconds down field, 70 seconds back; 8 consistent sprints

    o   Cones (workout 7): 60 seconds without ball; 70 seconds with ball

    o   Timed Mile: 10 minutes


    A reminder for Jersey Selection Process:

    The order of picking jerseys will be based on foot only juggling record by class. The only exceptions are for players who are able to juggle above 15. If you are able to achieve 15 or more consecutive foot only juggles during tryouts, you will bump to the front of the jersey number picking line. We will juggle every day during tryouts, records outside of tryouts will not count.

    For example, if a freshman gets 47 feet only juggles during tryouts and a sophomore gets 35 and a senior gets 16, and the rest of the players trying out get under 15: the freshman with 47 would pick their number first, then the sophomore with 35, then the senior with 16.

    For those with under 15 juggles-

    Seniors will go first, based on record highest to lowest for those between 14-1.

    Juniors go next, based on record highest to lowest for those between 14-1.

    Sophomores go next, based on record highest to lowest between 14-1.

    Freshman go last, based on record highest to lowest 14-1. 

    *If a junior, sophomore or freshman gets a score higher than a senior or someone older than them, but it is not over 15, the seniors still go first.

    Practice juggling every day!! 15 foot only juggles may seem like a lot for some, but 5-10 minutes each day from now until tryouts will easily put you on track for reaching your goal! 

    An added bonus of being able to juggle over 15, you will have checked one box required to play in a Varsity game.

    If there is a tie, the time it takes you to complete the technical test will be used to determine who picks first (the faster time goes first).


    Family ID
    They have added a vaccination question to the FamilyID registration as well. IF you have already registered with Family ID, you need to go back in and update your vaccination status. 
    The Family ID link is below. I encourage registering ASAP, even if you do not have your physical yet. You can go back in and upload the physical once you have it. 
    Once in the link you will need to click- register now, login or create account (for new players or freshman) and then click girls soccer. 
    Physical Information
    Please be sure the PIAA CIPEE form is being used when going to the doctor. Also, make sure they DATE, CHECK CLEARED AND SIGN THE FORM!
    You MUST fill out Family ID first if you are getting a sports physical at the high school!!

    Sports Physicals at the High School!

    WHAT: Physicians are coming to the high school to conduct sports physicals (CIPPE Section 7) for anyone interested in our athletics program. A sports physical is mandatory if you want to participate in a school sport, so make your appointment ASAP!

    WHO: All potential athletes for the 2021-2022 school year

    WHEN: Tuesday, August 3, from 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

    WHERE: UDHS Main Gym

    COST: $30 (cash only, please)

    COVID Update/Vaccination Status
    Right now, I am unsure about the fan policy. I am hoping there are no limitations.
    Still waiting to see if we need to get weekly testing like we did for Spring Athletes. 
    Vaccination Update from Upper Darby Administration:
    Upper Darby can't force players to get the vaccination but it is important to note that if you are not vaccinated and you are exposed to COVID-19 through contact tracing, you would have to follow all the same quarantine protocols as last year
    In addition, there is reason to believe that soon unvaccinated athletes might have to compete masked again. 
    Being vaccinated will help ensure that you will be able to fully compete in the season.
    To help foster this, Upper Darby is offering another vaccination opportunity at the HS, the district set this up specifically with our athletes and other extra-curricular participants in mind.
    First Dose: Thursday, August 12th (9am-1pm)
    Second Dose: Thursday, September 2nd (1-5pm)