• 2019-20 Team Banquest: 


    Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, our banquet that was scheduled for Sunday March 22nd has been postponed.  At this time we do not have a new date and time but our goal is to have our banquet at a later time once we are past this crisis.  If you already paid for your tickets, please know that we will hold your money or if you would like, we can return it to you at your request. 



    Open Workouts and Clinics:


    The girls program is currently working on a schedule for open workouts and clinics designed to build skill sets and game knowledge for girls of all ages.  Our goal is to develop players of all ages starting in 4th grade and will construct a schedule that caters to the following age groups:

    • 4th - 5th Grade
    • 6th - 8th Grade
    • High School


    Open Workouts:  Will be open gym environment where the girls can come in and work on their game in a constructive enviroment leveraging our gym and coaches to increase skill sets.  All open workouts will enable gilrs to come in an practice and get to know other girls from our community.  Coaches will be present to work with girls individually and or in small groups and the girls will have acces to our facility and our equipment. 


    Clinics will be more constructive and will focus on working with the girls in small groups and stations so that we can provide structure and coaching in multiple areas of the game.  Our game plan is to provide multiple clinics for each age group and have them designed to work on various parts of the game and provide a contstructive environment for all the girls to increase game knowledge and skills sets. 


    If you have any questions and or interest in learning more about our upcoming workouts, please email Coach Nick Liberio at nliberio@upperdarbysd.org