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Our Mission

  • It is the mission of the Upper Darby School District to provide a comprehensive educational program that develops all learners into critical thinkers, with effective communication skills, empowering them to adapt to an ever-changing world. Our students will demonstrate integrity and confidence while cultivating a learner's mindset in pursuit of personal excellence and service to others.

Our Belief Statements

  • Upper Darby School District's academic programs are based on the following beliefs, which were endorsed by the 2007-2013 Strategic Plan Steering Committee.

    We believe:

    • All individuals are capable of learning.
    • Individuals learn in different ways and at different rates.
    • Individuals have the right to be treated with respect and dignity.
    • Students are unique individuals with varied talents and skills.
    • Successful learning experiences build self-esteem.
    • Learning is most effective in a caring environment where high standards of social interaction are maintained.
    • Education should encourage individuals to acquire knowledge and attitudes necessary to live in a changing global society.
    • Critical thinking, problem solving and decision-making are essential life skills.
    • Updates in technology necessitate continuous personal and organizational adjustment.
    • Professional development of all staff is vital to meet the changing needs of students and to reflect current best practices.
    • The educational program must meet the needs of all learners and be responsive to the needs and resources of the community.
    • Cultural and ethnic diversity is a valued strength of our community.
    • Society benefits when individual rights are balanced with the needs of the group as a whole.
    • Quality public education directly benefits the entire community.
    • Lifelong learning is essential for all individuals.
    • Education is the responsibility of the entire community, the school, the family, and, most importantly, the individual.