Important Reminders for Parents


    Weather related closings / early dismissals / late starts


    When Upper Darby public schools experience unscheduled weather related closings, delayed starts or early dismissals, private and charter school bus routes will follow the same protocol:


    • If Upper Darby public schools are closed due to weather conditions, no transportation will be provided to any private or charter school either. 
    • If Upper Darby public schools open on a delayed start schedule (typically a 2 hour delay), all private and charter school buses will pick up their students on a delayed schedule as well.
    • If Upper Darby public schools dismiss early due to weather conditions, all private and charter school buses will pick up their students early as well.

    Please review the District's communications protocol for Emergency School Closings and Delays and the Serious Incident and Emergency School Closure/Delay Communications Plan.


    Parent Link Messages


    The transportation department will make every attempt to notify parents if any of our public school buses are running an excess of 15 minutes late. Please be aware that currently, our phone-blast system is not capable of making robocalls to private/nonpublic school parents. 



    Submit a Comment and/or Complaint


    Click here to report an incident or submit a question. The transportation department will get back to you shortly.