Upper Darby Rising Phase 1 Overview

  • Phase One ran through the winter of 2021.  This phase will consist of a series of six or more community dialogues.  These sessions will identify the key themes Upper Darby Rising must address as well as guidepost principles for how to take concrete, inclusive actions and build trust within the District and among community stakeholders.  The first phase is being led by a diverse citizens advisory board working with Catalyst Community Conversations of the University of Pennsylvania as consultant.


    The central activity of Phase 1 is developing and conducting six (6) community civic dialogues to accomplish three project goals.


    Phase 1 Goals:


    • Identify the stakeholder groups that must be included in the process, and get a sense of the histories and viewpoints they will bring to the table.
    • Identify a set of themes/issues that need to be addressed to bring more equity into both the district and township.
    • Develop a set of principles to guide the district and township/community in working together to address those themes/issues.
    • Give participants an experience of participating in productive civic dialogues that will build trust and engagement and create social capital for the work of Phase 2.