Acceptable Use

  • Acceptable Use of Internet, Computers, And Network Resources


    By allowing your student to use the Upper Darby School District’s internet, computers or other electronic devices, or network resources, or allowing your student to use their own personal electronic device (e.g. smart phone, cell phone, laptop, tablet, etc.) for school purposes or other purposes, you acknowledge the following:


    • It is the parent/guardian’s duty to review with their child Policy 815 Acceptable Use Of Internet, Computers, And Network Resources Policy. Policy 815 can be found at any time on the District’s website (  School Board- Policies.)  
    • The parent/guardian acknowledges that access is designed for educational purposes and that the district has taken precautions to filter access to inappropriate material by minors; however, the parent/guardian further acknowledges that it is impossible for the district to restrict access to all controversial and inappropriate materials.
    • The parent/guardian holds harmless the district, its Board members, employees and agents for any harm caused by materials obtained via the district’s Internet, computers or network resources, including through the use of your student’s personal electronic device.
    • The parent/guardian accepts full responsibility for supervision if and when your child’s use is not on school property.
    • The parent/guardian hereby requests that their child be allowed access to the district’s Internet, computers and network resources. For more information regarding COPPA and Acceptable Use of Internet, Computers, And Network Resources, please see the following page on the district’s website under the Technology Department,