Welcome to the Office of Communications and Media Services

  • The Office of Communications and Media Services seeks to provide timely, transparent, accurate, and meaningful information about the Upper Darby School District to all stakeholders. The Office disseminates District news and engages stakeholders by way of a multi-channel communications strategy using various communications technologies and platforms. Through parent, student, staff and community engagement, the Office works to promote a culture of care and connectedness, to continue to expand and refine the District’s telling of its ‘story’ of providing Opportunity, Unity and Excellence for all students. The Communications and Media Services team consists of education, communication, videography and digital storytelling, social media engagement, website management and graphic design professionals.



    The Office of Communications and Media Services is guided by the following policies and administrative regulations:


    Policy 900: Publications Program

    Policy 901 Public Relations Objectives: District Use of Social Media

    901-AR-0. Public Relations Objectives: District Use of Social Media

    901-AR-1. Public Relations Objectives: District Use of Social Media District-Approved Social Media Page Request Form

    Policy 910: Community Engagement

    Policy 911: News Media Relations

    911-AR-0. News Media Relations

    Policy 913: Nonschool Organizations/Groups/Individuals

    Policy 913.1: Advertising and Distribution of Materials


    The Office of Communications and Media Services:



    • Provides oversight and coordination of the District's communication efforts, including parent and community engagement, public relations, marketing, and branding.

    • Serves as a liaison between the media and the District, implements the District’s public relations policies, and distributes information to the media by way of press releases, media alerts, press conferences, official statements and interviews.

    • Develops and is responsible for maintaining brand integrity in accord with the District Brand Standards and the District Branding and Style Guide; Monitors use of the Upper Darby School District Branding Gallery.

    • Oversees the management of communication tools used by the District, which include the District’s website, the monthly Royal Scroll e-publication, ParentLink voice and email messaging system, the public access cable channel, the mobile app, and social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube).

    • Coordinates District parent engagement events

    • Produces the Emergency Communications Plan

    • Coordinates the production of the UDSD Family Handbook and the UDSD Family Handbook

    • Organizes District events and ceremonies, including the annual School Year Opening Day, the middle-high school transition Royal Academics programs, Student Administration Day, the annual Service to Children award and the annual Unsung Hero award.

    • Provides photography and video services for District and school events and activities.

    • Coordinates with Administrators and Principals on the development and maintenance of the UDSD Master Calendar

    • Tracks engagement across these platforms and use these to make data-driven decisions about stakeholder engagement

    • Produces District stationary and certificates

    • Provides lamination and post-making services to schools

    • Oversees the student and staff ID process

    • Provides marketing services for special District programs (i.e. Upper Darby High School Pre-School Program, YMCA Summer Camps, etc.)