Welcome to the Public Safety Department

  • The Department of Public Safety will maintain a safe and secure environment for students, employees, and visitors by helping to develop, establish, and enforce safety and security policies, access control procedures, accident prevention efforts, support risk management, fire, safety, emergency management, asset protection, parking control and traffic enforcement programs.  The Department of Public Safety performs tasks in developing, implementing, and managing programs designed to effectively address security and school safety needs.  The Department of Public Safety is responsible for coordinating school safety programs, which includes working with local law enforcement agencies, fire department, and emergency medical services.  Work also involves implementing training programs pertaining to matters of school safety and security for site-based administrators and staff.


    The Department of Public Safety consists of:


    • Director of Public Safety
    • Uniformed Public Safety Officers (all schools)
    • Cafeteria Monitors (secondary schools)
    • Hall Monitors (Upper Darby High School)
    • Street Safety Coordinator
    • Crossing Guards
    • Administrative Assistant