• Summer

MS Summer Reading

  • Summer and reading go together like water ice and flip flops. Students entering sixth, seventh, and eighth grades in Upper Darby School District are expected to choose books for their summer reading enjoyment. Students should select one fiction and one informational book from the reading list attached*. After the students have completed their reading, they should follow the directions listed for each grade level, completing either the Dear New Friend letter for students entering sixth grade or The Plot Thickens! organizer for those students entering seventh or eighth grades.


    *Students are encouraged to select books that will interest them and keep them involved with the characters and their lives. If your child has read the books on the list or if they would prefer to read alternative selections, please refer to the 2019-2020 Reading Olympic book list for additional titles.  The middle school list is the second list on the DCIU website. We thank you for your support when selecting appropriate summer reading for your student! 


    Most of the books can be accessed from our local libraries and bookstores. Online versions of many books are available on E-readers -Nook, Kindle, IPad, etc. Complete instructions and Reading Lists, along with short descriptions of all books may be found by clicking the link below.  Begin your summer reading early, stay cool and enjoy a good book!


    All work is due by September 13, 2019