• Summer

  • Elementary Summer Scholars

    Please support your child in striving to become an Upper Darby Summer Scholar.

    To be honored as a Summer Scholar, your child must complete and return activities for their specified grade level.  An adult signature is required on some of the documents and all completed documents are due on or before September 13, 2019.

    We are confident that participation in these summer learning activities will help prevent major “vacation regression” and will provide opportunities for individual as well as family fun.  Thank you in advance for your support.

    For all grade levels: 

    • Read daily and log your reading on the Summer Book Log.  Use the summer reading list for good book ideas.
    • Visit the Library often for other fun reading suggestions and activities
    • Select a favorite book and complete the graphic organizer and summary included in the summer material. 
    • Become fluent, memorize your grade level math facts! 
    • Practice skills needed for math next year by enjoying math games and activities during the summer.
    • Work on the mini-lessons and additional practice section in the back of your Standards Practice textbook entitled  “Getting Ready”.