High School Summer Work


  • Students registered for Accelerated and Honors courses, and AP Calculus, are expected to complete and return the Summer Work packet on the first day of class.  Video links are provided within the packet for support.  Should a student be rostered for a math class 2nd semester only, they should return the packet at that time.  Students scheduled for math courses both semesters should only complete a packet for their 1st semester course.  Rising Honors/Accelerated 9th grade students should complete the packet for either Geometry (if they took the Keystone Exam in 8th grade) or Accelerated Algebra 1B (if they have not). Good luck!

AP Science

  • Students registered for AP Science courses must complete and return the Summer Work packet on the first day of class.  Students registered for more than one AP Science course must complete the Summer Work packet for each course.  Courses are listed alphabetically. 

    Good luck!

English Language Arts

  • Summer work is required of students scheduled for certain English courses for the 2020-2021 academic year.  The work for these classes is expected to be done by the start of the school year unless otherwise indicated.  Students will be held accountable for completing all summer assignments. Not completing the work will negatively impact a student's grade.  Courses may not be dropped as a result of not completing the summer assignments. Begin your summer reading early, stay cool and READ!


    Some full texts can be found online – through Project Gutenberg and various other sites – for free.

    Individual teachers of Honors Courses may post specific summer work on their Schoology pages.


    Summer Reading Recommendations 2020