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    Pennsylvania has updated its science standards for students in grades K-12. These standards called the Standards for Science, Technology and Engineering, & Environmental Literacy and Sustainability (STEELS), were formally adopted by Pennsylvania in 2024. They are designed to help your child learn science in a more engaging and effective way.

    The standards focus on three important aspects of science learning:

    1. Science & Engineering Practices:  More simply put, “Doing Science and Engineering”. Your child will learn how scientists and engineers explore the world and solve problems. This includes asking questions, investigating, analyzing data, and coming up with explanations based on evidence.
    2. Cross-cutting Concepts: Your child will learn big ideas that apply across different areas of science. These ideas help them see how science is connected and how it all fits together.
    3. Disciplinary Core Ideas:  These are the key science concepts your child will learn.  They are important ideas in science, like how matter is structured, how energy works, and how Earth's systems function.

    These standards encourage hands-on learning and critical thinking. They're meant to help your child become curious about the world around them and develop important skills for the future.

    Teachers use these standards to plan lessons and activities that will help your child learn science in a fun and meaningful way. So, you can expect your child to engage in exciting experiments, ask lots of questions, and learn to think like a scientist!



    Assessment of Civic Knowledge (ACT 35)

    Beginning with the 2020-2021 school year, schools are required to administer an assessment of U.S. history, government, and civics.   - Click here to read more about ACT 35.

    Future Ready PA Index 

    2020-2021 School Assessment data - Parent Information Letter

    Future Ready PA Index school dashboard- Future Ready PA Index


    Click  General Information to read more about the new school dashboard.  


    Click Indicators and Measures for more information on the indicators used on the Future Ready PA Index. 


    Statewide High School Graduation Requirements (Act 158)

    Act 158 was signed into law by Governor Wolf on October 24, 2018.  Click High School Graduation Requirements to read more information.