Required Forms

  • For families unable to complete the registration online:


    The following four (4) forms are required to register your student(s) only if you are unable to complete the online registration.  Please click on the bold/underline item to print and complete the forms.  These forms along with your required documentation should be emailed or brought to Central Registration


    1. UDSD Enrollment form(address changes, requests for transportation only and multiple occupancy/support affidavit renewals will also use this form)
    2. Home Language Survey
    3. Request for Release of Records
    4. Parental Registration Statement(not necessary for Kindergarten)


    Physical form

    Students entering Kindergarten/1st, 6th, and 11th grades are required to have a physical on file in their health record.  All new students transferring into the school district must also have a physical exam.  Please print Report of Physical Examination and have it completed.  The form may be submitted to Central Registration at the time of registration or be provided directly to the school. Report of Physical Examination


    Dental form

    A dental exam performed by the student’s private dentist is required for students entering K/1st grade, 3rd grade and 7th grade.  Please print the Report of Dental Examination and have it completed.  This form may also be submitted at the time of registration or be provided directly to the school. Report of Dental Examination


    Additional form(s) that may be required:


    Support Affidavit

    For student(s) who are living with someone other than a parent and are not a foster student the Support Affidavit is needed. (Notary is required and with proper identification can be done in the Central Registration office). Support Affidavit


    Multiple Occupancy

    For student(s) whose family is residing with another family the Multiple Occupancy forms are needed.  Parent(s) must present two (2) proofs of residency and their photo id along with the homeowner/lessee requirements listed under “Required Documentation”.  Multiple Occupancy Affidavits


    Custody Agreement / Court Order

    If there is a custody agreement or court order in place please print and complete the Custody Agreement/Court Orders forms and provide a copy of the agreement/court order at the time of registration.  Custody Agreement/Court Orders 


    Foster Student:

    When registering a Foster Student an agency letter is also required.


    Displaced Family

    Displaced families should contact our Lead Registrar at 610.352.2400 ext. 2506.