Link to Online Registration Page

  • During the Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic the Central Registration office will be closed.


    Please complete the online registration and upload the required documents. 

    A registrar will reach out to you to confirm receipt or request additional information.


    Please email Ed Monaghan, Supervisor of Central Registration

    ( with your questions.





    *NOTE:  Online Registration is for both NEW Upper Darby School District students and students requesting transportation to private or charter schools for the first time.  ONLINE REGISTRATION IS NOT FOR RE-ENTRY OR CHANGE OF ADDRESS STUDENTS.



    Please click on the link below to begin creating your login and password.  Once you have obtained your login and password you will be able to complete an online registration for your student(s):



      Online Student Registration


    PLEASE BE ADVISED by completing your registration online you are are certifying that the information provided is correct and realize tuition is required if the residency information is false.  If the District determines that (a) you have supplied false information to the District and/or (b) the information that you provided ceases to be true and you have failed to inform the District of the change in circumstances prior to or at the time the change occurred, then in addition to or in lieu of civil proceedings for collection of nonresidential tuition and/or exclusion proceedings, the District may refer the matter to appropriate law enforcement officials and/or initialte a private criminal complaint against you for unsworn falsification to authorities, theft of services and/or any other applicable criminal offense.