Employee Workplace Safety Committee

  • The School District has a Safety Committee which meets monthly to discuss general safety concerns through the School District and reviews all accidents involving employees occurring in the prior month. Building inspections are conducted periodically.

2022-2023 Workplace Safety Committee Members

  • Marc Comfort

    Heidi Einhorn

    Mark Manley

    Bradley Carrea

    Joanne Matteucci

    Karen Leisner

    Beth Riches

    Christopher Rossiter

    Mike Newman

    Peter Schiller

    Nina Tyre

    Jeannette Tierney

  • Principal, Westbrook Park Elementary School 

    Coordinator, School Nurses

    Director, Public Safety 

    Assistant Manager of Facilities 

    Benefits Specialist, Workplace Safety Committee Secretary  

    Secretary, Technical Services 

    Science Supervisor

    Maintenance, Transport Workers Union Representative 

    Teacher, Upper Darby High School 

    Assistant Principal, Drexel Hill Middle School

    Supervisor, Payroll and Benefits, Chairperson

    School Bus Training & Recruiting Coordinator 

2022-2023 Workplace Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

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