Superintendent's Goals 2023-2024


         1.  Recruit, develop, and retain the best staff

              We have new agreements and collective bargaining contracts with all of our unions, non-unions, and administration. Our new agreements and contracts will better position us to retain and recruit new staff to our District.


    2.  Continue to improve our communication internally and externally

    We are updating our website, and we will continue to host opportunities to engage with our community outside of monthly Board and Committee meetings by way of community pop-up events, morning coffee sessions, District events, and District Home and School Association meetings. We will continue to celebrate our students, teachers and staff through our robust social media platforms. We will also continue to provide resources for parents through our Parent Resources channel on our YouTube.


    3.  Emphasize social and emotional learning opportunities for ALL students

    We continue to focus on refining our social and emotional learning curriculum, professional development on trauma-informed strategies and restorative justice, and continue to emphasize our Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS). 


    4.  Continue to emphasize a strong elementary educational foundation in all subject areas with a focus on student growth

    We have additional support in each of our elementary schools with Assistant Principals. All of our elementary schools will now have a Guidance Counselor in addition to social work support. We have added seven new reading specialists to help promote literacy in our elementary schools. We have also increased technology in all of our schools by implementing new Cleartouch interactive boards in every classroom and have provided dedicated Tech support for each building.


    5.  Continue to promote and reinforce an inclusive learning environment for the students and community we serve

    We continue to develop and update our work on equity and belonging. We will be in our second year working with Dr. Nikole Hollins-Sims who will be providing professional development as well as helping us update our equity plan.


    6.  Continue to implement the Act 13 evaluation process for professional employees, temporary professional employees, and administrators in PK-12 education 

    We will be in our second year of implementation of the Pennsylvania Department of Education’s new staff evaluation process. We are focused on not only retaining and recruiting the best staff, but also on providing the best professional development opportunities for all of our staff members.