Comprehensive Equity Team

  • The Comprehensive Equity Team, which includes parents, teachers, administrators, and representation from the School Board of Directors, came together with a shared commitment and spirit of collaboration in creating a more excellent and equitable outcome for students.  To that end, the Comprehensive Equity Team met regularly to engage in self-reflection, examine current practices and policies through an equity lens, and provide recommendations for eliminating gaps in opportunity and access due to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geography and gender.  The team serves as the guiding coalition for the Upper Darby School District Comprehensive Equity Plan.


    The Team conducted a cultural audit which included staff surveys, student focus groups, as well as a review of the comprehensive plan and District policies to gauge the baseline state of cultural competency in the Upper Darby School District.  As a result of that work, the Team identified the following action areas:


    1. Constructing and enacting an equity vision
    2. Engaging in self-reflection and growth
    3. Collaborating with families and communities
    4. Hiring and placing personnel


    Through strategic action planning around these action areas, the team intends to identify areas for growth, set SMART goals, collect and analyze data, identify strategies and action steps for improvement, and monitor and adjust the plan as appropriate.

Meet the members of the UDSD Comprehensive Equity Leadership Team


    jcouncil   Dr. John Council, Assistant Superintendent of Personnel and Equity

    gcurry    Gina Curry, Parent

    vgordon   Vincent Gordon, Former School Board Member, Parent

    abeauford   Aaronda Q. Beauford, M.Ed., Director of Communications

    DWILLIAMS   Dina Williams, Kindergarten Center, Principal

    brogers   Bill Rogers, Primos Elementary School, Principal

    malloway   Dr. Matthew Alloway, Drexel Hill Middle School, Principal

    cchaitt   Carrie Chaitt, Instructional Coach 

    cmilord   Cynthia Milord, Hillcrest Elementary School, Lead Teacher


                   Andrea Gallo, Parent