School Counseling

  • Upper Darby School District is committed to supporting all students in addressing their academic, behavioral, personal, social, and career development needs. The middle school and high school counseling programs provide universal school-wide supports to help meet the developmental needs of their students and foster their resiliency. The guidance program is structured to provide consistency and continuity of service to students. In the middle school there is one counselor for each grade level. Counselors move up with their students, allowing them to develop a long-term relationship with their students and allowing them to focus on the developmental needs of that age-group. As a transition to high school, students will participate in the Freshman Academy Program, which provides a teaming approach and Restorative Practices as the foundation for support provided for academic success. The ninth grade staff, including three counselors, will stay with the Freshman Academy to provide a consistent and successful transition from middle school to high school year in and year out. Upon promotion to the tenth grade, students will be assigned to one of three counselors who will stay with their students providing consistent support and service through to graduation.


    Developmental services are provided by the counseling staff through individual counseling, small group counseling, large group information sessions, consultations, orientations, and the dissemination of information via print materials and the web.