Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth (AEDY)

  • The Blended Learning Center manages all online learning opportunities for Upper Darby School District students in grades seven through twelve.  The Blended Learning Center is comprised of two distinct programs- the Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Program (AEDY) and the Blended Cyber Program.


    Following the guidance of state Alternative Education for Disruptive Youth Program guidelines, students attend courses off site of the Upper Darby High School and on a modified schedule. The AEDY program at the Blended Learning Center combines individualized, computer-based academic instruction with customized behavior modification counseling.  Entry into the AEDY program occurs through a Planning and Placement process only when all other school district resources have been found to have a limited effect on improving students’ behaviors; or, when the severity of the student’s behavior jeopardizes the health, safety and welfare of others. The program houses three classrooms (maximum class size of fifteen students). A lead teacher works together with three classroom teachers, shared classroom assistants, and a social worker. The underlying objective is to provide these students with the skills that are needed to make positive changes in their behaviors, attitudes, and academic progress. The program hours of operation are from 7:30 AM to 12:00 PM, daily.  Each semester, parents, students, teachers, pupil services personnel, administrators, and others with knowledge of the student will conduct a Semi-annual Progress Review to determine future academic placement. It is the objective of the Blended Learning Center to assist students in managing behavioral difficulties and making a successful transition back to their home schools.


    The Blended Cyber Program utilizes the cyber-based academic resources available through the Blended Learning Center’s course catalog to reach students seeking alternative pathways to high school credit and graduation.  Students in the Blended Cyber Program follow a model for blended learning that is categorized as a “self-blend.”  Under this model, students chose self-paced (asynchronous) online courses to supplement their traditional schedule of courses at the Upper Darby High School.  Teachers are available on-site for support, and students attending the Blended Cyber Program are required to attend weekly support sessions to check course progress and set new academic goals.  Entry into the Blended Cyber Program occurs through a Planning and Placement Process initiated through the school guidance department, working with students’ families.  Students who express interest in attending all or some of their courses online should contact their guidance counselors and schedule family conferences at the high school.