Email Addresses for Electronic Absence Notes

  • Submitting Absence Notes By Way of Email


    We are pleased to announce that parents and guardians may now submit absence notes to the school as an email attachment.



    1. Please find the email address associated with your school below and send the absence note to that email address only. 

    2. Please make sure to send only absence notes to the email address listed below associated with your school. 

    3. Please ensure that the absence note includes the date of the absence, the student's name, student's grade level, the reason for the absence and the signature of the parent/guardian.


    Aronimink Elementary School                    


    Beverly Hills Middle School                        


    Bywood Elementary School                        


    Charles Kelly Elementary School                


    Drexel Hill Middle School                            


    Garrettford Elementary School                   


    Hillcrest Elementary School                        


    Highland Park Elementary School              


    Kindergarten Center                                    


    Primos Elementary School                          


    Stonehurst Hills Elementary School            


    Walter M. Senkow Elementary School        


    Westbrook Park Elementary School            


    Upper Darby High School                                      9th Grade -

                                                                                  10th Grade -

                                                                                  11th Grade - 

                                                                                  12th Grade -